Top Wedding Tips For 2020 Weddings

Every wedding is unique. It’s a milestone in life and will be a memory throughout the years after. Planning your wedding day is a tough task to get right and takes a huge amount of organizing.

Our tips will help you to focus on the details for an unforgettable day.


Choosing a venue can be a tough decision as there are many options. It’s important to carefully research which venue you will choose before you make a deal.

With stunning scenery in the surrounding areas and some of the best wedding suppliers available look no further than our wedding venue in West Cork, the West Cork Hotel. As the leading hotel in West Cork, the West Cork Hotel is an institution in Skibbereen for being one of the most versatile wedding hotels West Cork has to offer.

Our dedicated wedding co-ordinator will guide you through every step of the planning right up to your special day. We cater to various different group sizes which can be discussed.


This is based around music and entertainment. It can be difficult to imagine a wedding without this. That’s why the choose the perfect combination of these is important.

Band, DJs, but also comedy, dancing and artist exhibitions, can make your big day unforgettable. 

There are many Bands and DJs which are located in the heart of West Cork that will be dedicated to ensuring that your wedding day is the best one impossible and entertaining your guests all night.  

Invitation, Decor and Wedding Colours

This is one of tasks which you will find it extremely hard to perfect before the wedding and it will, no doubt, require a huge amount of planning.

Wedding invitations are an essential part of the organisation, and it is fundamental don’t underestimate their importance.

A good tip can be to link and reflect the style and the colours of the invitation to the wedding theme. The ultimate trends are floral and botanic patterns made with pastel colours, golden geometries and artistic draws that give a retro touch. 

Design, colours, patterns, paper texture and fonts combined together can create something incredible, reflecting your personality and tastes.

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