Top Reasons To Have A Wedding At West Cork Hotel

Daly's Storehouse and The West Cork Hotel have been a popular wedding venue for over 100 years and continues to cater to groups of 300 people. There are many reasons why the our hotel in West Cork is your perfect wedding venue. It is our mission to ensure a perfect wedding day from start to finish.

A wedding day can be one of the biggest milestones in life. Therefore, we want to make your wedding day exactly how you imagine.

1. Location

Dalys Storehouse and the West Cork Hotel are located in the heart of Skibbereen. The hotel is marinated with stunning landscapes and surroundings which will appeal to all five senses. Dalys Storehouse and The West Cork Hotel is an institution in Skibbereen for being one of the most longest standing and versatile West Cork wedding venues.

2. Photo Opportunities

West Cork is home to some of the most picturesque sights in Ireland. From Daly’s Storehouse and The West Cork Hotel to Lough Hyne, West Cork sights provide the perfect background for pre, during and post wedding photography.

Our hotel boasts it’s breath-taking bridge which provides breath-taking scenery which you will be immersed in during your wedding day.

(video credits Michael McCarthy)

3. Dedicated Wedding Co-Ordinator

West Cork Hotel specializes in weddings and has created the perfect wedding days for the last 100 years. Our dedicated wedding specialist has crafted the most elegant packages and can cater to your specific requirements. From the date you contact us until the day of your wedding, we will be there every step of the way.

If you like what you are reading why not contact us today for more information and package option. Celebrate your unique wedding the amazing West Cork!

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